The KidLit List

The KidLit List is a resource section dedicated to bringing children's literature writer's the most relevant, knowledgeable, and tested sources for learning the gambit of the skills required in the art and business of children's literature.  Browse the ever-expanding list, and contact me if you have something you’d like to share.


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The KidLit List


  • The Writing Barn

    • The Writing Barn is owned and operated by the extremely knowledgeable and kid-lit- community-involved Bethany Hegedus. You'll find highly knowledgeable experts teaching classes ranging from short webinars to six-month-session. Classes cover everything from picture books to YA Novels to memoirs. Bethany is very involved in the curation of experts and staying current with industry topics.

    • Price Range: $-$$$$​

    • Platform: In-person & virtual (Zoom)

    • Website: www.thewritingbarn.com

  • Storytellers Academy
    • Storyteller's Academy is founded and operated by Arree Chung (who might be the nicest guy in the world) with a focus on community and classes taught by industry professions. Storyteller's Academy offers a wide range of class lengths from "minis" to multiple-week-long classes. SA has a heavier focus on picture books (one of the few places I've found that does illustration classes outside of art school) but Arree is always expanding and has begun to cover topics of graphic novels and chapter books. One thing I love about Arree and SA is the inclusive focus on business classes for the creative business. ​
    • Prince Range: Free-$$$, a monthly subcription to all courses is avaliable. 
    • Platform: Mighty Networks (live and prerecorded class videos)
    • Website: www.StorytellerAcademy.com

  • Children's Book Academy​

    • Children's Book Academy is run by Dr. Mira Reisberg (who is also the editor and art director for Clear Fork Publishing) and offers a wide range of classes in picture books to middle-grade novels, and tools (such as Scriver) to magazine writing. The classes are densely packed with information. A few downsides to CBA is that it appears as if Mira publishes a lot of her students (and they then glowingly give praise to Mire in CBA webinars), and you only have access to your class for a year. ​Children's Book Academy does also have illustrator focused courses. 

    • Price Range: $$-$$$

    • Platform: Mighty Networks

    • Website: www.childrensbookacademy.com

  • Highlights Foundation

    • Highlights Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that offers online and in-person workshops at their Pennsyvian Pocono Mountains campus. Highlights offer workshops at all levels with some of the top industry professionals in children's literature. Prices are on the high end but room and board at their beautiful campus are included.  Face-to-face time with peers and teachers can really make an experience in my opinion. (Disclaimer: I have yet to attend one of their workshops but it's on my bucket list!)​

    • Price Range: $$-$$$$

    • Platform: In-person & online

    • Website: https://www.highlightsfoundation.org/

  • Lyrical Language Lab 

    • The Lyrical Language Lab is run by founder (and brilliant rhymer) Renee LaTulippe. There are three course options: Full Lyrical Language Lab Full Interactive Course (sign-up in mailing for notification when sign up is), The Complete Lyrical Language Self-Study, and Intensive Rhyme and Meter Self-Study. The class sizes are small  and courses are INTENSIVE. I have only got to watch her free YouTube videos, Peek & Critique, but they are mind-blowing and packed full of knowledge!

    • Price Range: $$$

    • Platform: online (self-paced and 

    • Website: https://www.reneelatulippe.com/writing-courses/


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