My Tangled Character Is Not Who You Think

The other night, my mother came over to see my daughter. My little one had been having major allergy problems thanks to the schizophrenic

weather, and my mom has to check on her sick grandbabies. After my mom's usual Nana-kisses routine, she settled on the floor with my daughter, who was watching Tangled. (A movie that is played, at least, six times a week at my house.) A few moments later Maximus, the horse, came on the screen, and I heard my mother say, "There's your mom; she never gives up."

My first reaction: Did my mom just call me a horse? I'm a horse and not Rapunzel!

Okay, to be honest, everyone wants to be Rapunzel.

If you don't, you're crazy.

She is a brilliantly complex character and psychologically spot-on for a girl who has been locked in a tower for her entire life and brainwashed to love her captor, whom she thinks is her mother. Rapunzel regularly shows her heroic nature by demonstrating bravery even though she had been raised to be afraid of everything outside the tower, even willing to venture out into the dangerous world to achieve her goal. See, I kind of have an obsession with Rapunzel, although my hair looks more like Flynn Ryder's (who is a super awesome character, too) and I don't have a pet chameleon.

But this post is about Maximus and me.

So, after a few milliseconds of getting over my shock of being called a four-legged beast with large teeth, I realized the horse is an amazing character. Maximus is extremely tenacious. Even after his royal guard rider can't keep up with the fleeing thief, Flynn Ryder, Maximus does. Nothing stops him. Not losing his rider. Not Flynn jumping on his back and taking his reins. NOTHING. When Maximus wants something, Maximus gets it. He catches Flynn, finds the stolen crown (along with the "Lost Princess" Rapunzel), and he makes "crime in the kingdom (disappear) almost overnight" when takes over the royal guard at the end of the movie.

So it turned out that my mother had paid me a huge compliment comparing me to Maximus the horse. And she was right. If there is a question that needs answered, a problem that needs to be fixed or a project that needs to be finished, I latch on like Maximus on Flynn's satchel and don't let go until I have an answer. (Open-ended statements drive me crazy!) When I want something I get it. I may have to travel through the forest for a while, sniffing the ground for the trail I need, but I always get it. I never give up.

It's not in my DNA.

So, which Tangled character are you?

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