Definition: True Friends

Updated: Apr 20

The past few months I've been learning how to make social media images. Particularly for Instagram. (Find me on Instagram here.) I did photography when I was a kid, and I've had a smidge amount of fine arts training. Couple those with my love of words and...BOOM! You get a social media image enthusiast.

One of my most recent--and humorous--creations was about true friends. I had been pondering all the good friends I had and how their true friendships had been a blessing to me. And how I was especially grateful for those relationships, because, let's be honest, not all of the people we meet in life and try to be friends with turn out to be real, true friends.

So how are we--children or adults--supposed to recognize a true friend from a not-so-true friend?

To answer that question, I decided to write my own definition.

Definition: True Friend:

Someone who does something special--big or small--for you that others might not do.

Some examples of someone being a true friend might be...

  • Giving you their favorite frog to apologize.

  • Sticking up for you on the bus when you accidentally wear your sister's pants.

  • Bring you ten Band-Aids for your millimeter papercut.

  • Or being the bottom of the human pyramid so you can be the top.

So a took it a step further and made a fun True Friends Mad Lib printable activity for elementary-aged kids to explore what a true friend might look like for them! However, go creative with the age range. We've even had fun doing the activity as a family.

A printable mad lips game for kids grades second to fifth for exploring how to recognize a true friend.
True Friends Mad Lip Color Printable for Kids

Click below to download the color version.

True Friends Mad Lip_Color_8_2020_FinalV
Download • 271KB

True Friends Mad Lip Black White Printable for Kids

Click below to download the black and white version.

True Friends Mad Lip_BW_8_2020_FinalVers
Download • 271KB

Add an extra step to the game by comparing your answers to a classmate's or a friend's. Do you have anything in common? Do have anything different. Did anything surprise you?

But, most importantly, have fun!

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